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AD-51 Beta SP; 16mm (B W & Color)
B W, Color
Home Movie, Travelogue
1940's; 1950's; 1960's
1950s, 1960s, home movies, travelogues, Central Europe, Poles, Polish culture, Hungarians, ; Hungarian culture, historic districts, historic buildings, government buildings, European ; architecture, stadiums, sports venues, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, churches, neo-gothic ; architecture, gothic architecture, Magyar cuisine, track & field, sports, indoor leisure ; activities, museums, music history, suspension bridges, violins, xylophones, instruments, ; mothers, infants, infancy, childhood, teenagers, grandmothers, nurses, toddlers, dog sledding, ; horse trainers, horses, cattle, nature, winter, nuclear family, families, traditional clothing
Travelogues and home movies from the 1950s and 1960s. Home movies of the de la Varre family with excellent shots of a mother and her baby girl (Ilse de la Varre & Dolly de la Varre), the family standing together and petting the family dog, and sightseeing in India. Good shots of an attractive woman w 1950s hairstyle & clothing smiling at the camera and picking flowers (Ilse de la Varre - Andre de la Varre's wife). Travelogue of a young boy looking at redwood and sequoia trees in Northern California forests. Footage in Poland and Hungary with notable buildings structures and great examples of traditional culture. ***************************************************************************************************** 01:00:00:00 1950 Silent Color Outdoors, Silver Springs, Florida Mother in bathing suit holding baby. CU headshot baby being held. OS mother shaking rattle at baby holding baby. CU mother holding baby. (good shots, parents & children, parenthood, motherhood, mother & child, babies, infancy). (Ilse & Dolly de la Varre) 01:02:44:24 1950 Silent Color Outdoors, Silver Springs, Florida CU African-American (black) nurse holding Caucasian (white) baby. VS CU baby lying in bassinet waving arms, baby shaking rattle handed to her. (Dolly de la Varre) 01:04:54:02 1950 Silent Color Outdoors, Silver Springs, Florida Mother & father holding baby. (great shot, parenthood, parents, babies, family) Baby being held. Mother seated in chair holding baby girl & clapping babys hands together. CU headshot baby being held. (Ilse & Dolly de la Varre) 01:06:51:21 1950 Silent Color Outdoors, Silver Springs, Florida CU mother bouncing baby. Mother trying to perk up baby w sour serious expression (cute babies, funny). VS mother holding baby, bouncing her. (Ilse & Dolly de la Varre) 01:08:48:23 1950 Silent Color Outdoors, Silver Springs, Florida CU smiling baby being held by mother. (cute babies, infancy) (Ilse & Dolly de la Varre) 01:10:04:27 - 01:11:34:13 1950s Silent Color Lake Worthersee, Austria Mother & bare-chested toddler sitting on banks of lake, toddler runs up to CAM. VS mother & toddler playing w big ball. (good shots, parents & children, parenthood, motherhood, mother & child, childhood). (Ilse & Dolly de la Varre) 02:00:00:00 1950s Silent Color Outdoors Mother & teenage son petting dog on front steps of house. Middle-aged woman & younger woman in fur coat (mother & daughter) in snowy field smiling at CAM. Mother, father, & teenage son standing together & embracing each other, petting dog & smiling (good shot, family). (Ilse & Andre de la Varre, Andre de la Varre Jr) 02:01:49:26 1950s Silent Color Outdoors Teenage boy taking photograph of mother & grandmother on front steps of house. LA middle-aged woman & younger woman in fur coat (mother & daughter) standing together, kissing on the cheek (embracing). Headshot pretty younger woman looking at CAM. (Ilse de la Varre, her mother & Andre de la Varre Jr) 02:02:46:21 1950s Silent Color Woman sitting by fountain w eastern design. Lake Worthersee, Austria Woman holding caught fish up to CAM w snow-capped mountain in BG. CU woman wearing cat-eye sunglasses looking out at lake vista. (good shot 1950s style & lifestyles) PAN lake to woman picking flowers on hillside. Woman picking flowers on hill covered in flowers. WS hillside covered in bright red flowers overlooking lake & mountains in BG. VS woman smelling & picking beautiful flowers in field. (Ilse de la Varre) 02:04:42:01 1950s Silent Color Austria? Woman holding lamb who bleats (cute shot). Pretty woman standing on snowy field modeling red coat. Headshot pretty woman smiling at CAM. VS pretty woman in 1950s hairstyle & skirt bikini lying on grassy field smiling & posing for CAM. (excellent shots, 1950s fashion & style, sexy, sexiness, sex appeal) (Ilse de la Varre) 02:06:36:11 1950s Silent Color Austria? Dog sled racing down snowy road, passengers waving at CAM. Andre de la Varre wearing winter clothes standing on snowy field. American flag on flagpole blowing in wind. Woman looking at bouquet of flowers in vase. CU bouquet of flowers in vase. (Ilse de la Varre) 02:07:29:20 1950s Silent Color Austria? VS pretty woman smelling & picking beautiful flowers from trees & bushes, smiling at CAM. (good shots, beauty in nature, 1950s lifestyles) (Ilse de la Varre) 02:08:50:22 1950s Silent Color Lake Worthersee, Austria? VS woman wearing dress fishing in lake (image bit shaky). CU & ECU headshot blond boy. VS boy wearing raincoat standing & sitting on front steps of house. Mother & son sitting on front steps of house petting dog. Smiling boy swimming towards CAM (good shot). (Ilse de la Varre & son) 02:10:38:26 1950s Silent Color CU headshot man as he talks & smiles at CAM (Andre de la Varre). Headshot pretty woman w 1950s hairstyle posing & smiling at CAM. (Ilse de la Varre) (good shot 1950s fashion & style) Young boy leaving house & walking down front steps. Boy calling dog & smelling flowers on bush (bit dark). 02:12:12:21 - 02:13:39:15 1950s Silent Color Agra, India VS female tourist riding elephant outside Agra Fort? Woman lying on grass & smelling flowers in front of Taj Mahal (good shot, tourism, touists, trips). Woman in 1950s hairstyle taking off cat-eye glasses & smiling talking at CAM. Woman standing in front of palace. Caucasian man wearing turban & traditional Indian clothing standing w Indian men in traditional clothing. (Andre de la Varre?) (shaky) Caucasian woman talking with Indian men. Headshot woman wearing headscarf smiling & talking at CAM. 03:00:00:00 1940s Silent B&W Humboldt Redwoods State Park, Humboldt County, California TD tall redwood trees w young boy walking through woods. VS TU boy looking up at hazy treetops. Boy looking up & sitting next to sign for The Founders Tree - Worlds Tallest Known Tree. LA light streaming through hazy treetops. 03:01:41:14 1940s Silent B&W Redwoods, California TD tree to boy walking on wooded path underneath tree passage. Boy climbing on base of trees & looking up at trees. TU tall redwood tree. MS boy looking up at trees. 03:03:53:14 1940s Silent B&W Sequoia National Park, California Boy looking at base of sequoia tree. LA treetops. Boy walking across tree stretched over woods path. Boy walking underneath tree stretched over path. 03:05:23:18 1940s Silent B&W Sequoia National Park, California Boy looking at General Grant sequoia. CU sign for General Grant tree. Headshot boy looking up. LA CU General Grant sequoia tree. TU & TD tall sequoia trees. Boy walking around base of tree, touching bark. 03:07:09:13 1940s Silent B&W Sequoia National Park, California TD sequoia tree w boy walking up to tree. Boy walking up path to sequoia tree & looking up. CU sign for General Sherman tree. TU General Sherman tree. Boy looking at saplings. TU from boy looking up at General Sherman tree. Boy walking away on path. 03:08:46:07 - 03:09:45:02 1940s Silent B&WW Sequoia National Park, California TD group of Sequoias to boy walking underneath. TU from boy at base of Sequoias. 04:00:00:00 1960s Silent Color Warsaw, Poland ZO PAN empty Dziesieciolecia Stadion (Tenth Anniversary Stadium). Lone person in stadium stands waving. VS track and field races in outdoor stadium (sprints, hurdling) 04:01:16:07 1960s Silent Color Warsaw HA WS buildings in new town (very blue). PAN modern apartment building to streetlamp. VS streetlamps in old town. VS buildings of Old Town Market Place (Rynek Starego Miasta). CU mural on building facade. VS decorative wall reliefs & ornaments on building facades. 04:03:24:00 1960s Silent Color Warsaw Facade Muzeum Historyczne Warszawy (Historical Museum of Warsaw). CU locked steel door. CU sign for Muzeum Historyczne Warszawy. VS statues dressed in traditional clothing. CU sign for Muzeum Adama Mickiewicza (Adam Mickiewicz Museum of Literature) PAN cannons. PAN bones on table. VS statues dressed in traditional clothing recreating historic events. 04:06:09:07 1960s Silent Color Warsaw CU paintings of man on horseback. CU plaque. PAN facade Lazienki Palace. CU decorative wall reliefs & paintings. 04:06:55:02 1960s Silent Color Lazienki Park, Warsaw VS women pushing strollers (baby carriages) in park. Senior woman (grandmother nanny) w young child on park bench. Child pushing stroller. Child pulling toy truck on string. Mother sitting w sleeping baby on park bench. Polish women wearing headscarves gardening in park. PAN to Chopin monument in park. INT Frederick Chopin museum, PAN from Chopin portrait to piano. 04:09:26:21 1960s Silent Color Poland Fast-moving traffic on rural road (dangerous driving, Polish driving). Car speeding over field & splashing water over ditch. Hooking up car to tractor & towing it across field. 04:10:17:22 1960s Silent Color Poland VS agricultural field w provincial well rig. Shepard following flock of sheep. VS Polish horse trainer in traditional clothing standing sitting on horse & cracking whip above his head (strange, odd, animal cruelty, animal trainers). 04:11:09:28 1960s Silent Color Poland Storks walking flying in field. Flock of birds flying over field. Silhouetted pack of oxen walking along banks of lake at sunset. VS provincial well rig at sunset. (good shots, agriculture, wild birds, wading birds) 04:13:09:11 1960s Silent Color Budapest, Hungary Parliament Building from behind columns of Fishermen's Bastion. PAN Danube River to Parliament from behind columns. Silhouetted tower. TU facade Matthias Church (Matyas Templom) & tower w lion statue in front. Streetlamp in FG w spire in BG. Sign for Bartok Archivum (Bela Bartok Archive). Hungarian pottery display (Hungarian culture). PAN from clicking metronome to phonograph horn. CU clicking pendulum of metronome w musical score behind coming into focus (good shot, classical music) CU RCA radiogram telegram. CU musical score. 04:14:54:03 1960s Silent Color Budapest INT Hungarian bakery, counter woman serves boy piece of cake. CU pastries (Dobos Torta?) behind counter. (good shots Hungarian cuisine, Hungarian desserts) Boy sitting at cafe table served piece of cake. CU headshot boy eating cake juxtaposed w shots of couple kissing on park bench. PAN from pretty woman to Szechenyi Chain Bridge (Szechenyi Lanchid) over Danube. Traffic on Szechenyi Chain Bridge over blue waters of Danube. WS Margithid (Margaret Bridge). Barges on Danube. TU from cable cars going over bridge to dome of Parliament building. 04:16:46:05 1960s Silent Color Budapest WS Millennial Monument in Heros Square (Hosok Tere) CU monument colonnade. VS equestrian statues of Magyar chiefs. CU horse statue. Pediment of Museum of Contemporary Arts depicting Pannonia. Boat POV going down Danube past Parliament building & Fishermen's Bastion. 04:18:16:04 1960s Silent Color Budapest INT bar restaurant PAN people having sing-along w Hungarian folk musicians. PAN xylophonist & violinist playing. (Hungarian folk music, Hungarian culture) Meat roasting on spit (dark). VS couples cuddling, talking, & drinking. PAN couples clinking glasses & drinking (cheering, toasting). Waiter pouring wine for customers. Hungarian violinist playing. Waiter blowing into bottle. Pretty woman drinking liquor. 04:20:27:07 1960s Silent Color Budapest VS dark facade Buda Castle (Buda Palace) illuminated by lit streetlamps at night. (very dark & hard to see) 04:22:00:00 OUT