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AD-54 Beta SP; 16mm (B W & color)
B W, Color
Home Movie, Travelogue
1930's, 1940's, 1950's
1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, home movies, travelogues, mothers, infants, infancy, childhood, ; teenagers, grandmothers, family trips, families, traditional clothing, armored fighting ; vehicles, sightseeing, tourists, tourism, dolls, picnics, cafes, submarines, marketplaces
Travelogues and home movies from the 1930s to the 1960s. Home movies of the de la Varre family with excellent shots of a mother with her baby girl (Ilse de la Varre & Dolly de la Varre), a young girl Easter egg hunting and playingwith her doll, and mother and daughter visiting North Africa, playing in the surf looking at coastal vistas in Rio de Janeiro. 1930s travelogue in Cannes with people relaxing at cafes and walking on the luxurious Croisette Boulevard. Humorous fast-paced sequence of a man packing his suitcase. ************************************************************************************************** 02:00:00:00 Color 1950s Park, Austria? Young girl struggling to put doll inside string bag. Girl carrying string bag full of toys, taking ball & doll out, hugging doll. VS young girl hugging & kissing doll (good shots, childhood). Father & young daughter sitting on grass & discussing doll. (Dolly & Andre de la Varre) 02:02:49:15 Color 1950s Park, Austria? Young girl sitting on grass hugging doll & smiling at CAM, father & young daughter sitting on grass & talking (good shots, childhood, father & daughter, parents & children). (Dolly & Andre de la Varre) 02:04:06:07 Color 1950s Park, Austria? Young girl sitting on grass playing w doll, wearing mans hat. CU headshot young girl talking & smiling at CAM. CU headshot father & daughter talking & smiling at CAM. 02:05:35:08 Color 1950s Park, Austria? Young girl taking ball & doll out of string bag. CU girl hugging doll (good shot, childhood). 02:06:24:28 Color 1950s Park, Austria? VS ZI smiling young girl holding string bag standing in front of car. Older couple & girl (granddaughter) sitting at table looking at books. 02:08:11:29 Color 1959 Himmer house balcony Mother & daughter eating grapes on balcony. Mother in drivers seat of car talking to daughter outside car window, both smiling at CAM. VS senior couple (grandparents), middle-aged woman (mother) & daughter talking on balcony. (Ilse & Dolly de la Varre) 02:10:21:24 Color 1959 Mother & teenage daughter having picnic next to bubbling brook. Waitress serving coffee to man at table overlooking picturesque valley & mountains (good shot, European lifestyles, leisure). CU girl holding & petting rabbit near car. Girl looking out train window going past mountain (quick shot). (Ilse & Dolly de la Varre) 02:11:29:06 - 02:12:40:00 Silhouetted profile portrait of Burton Holmes. Title card: A Burton Holmes Travelogue (backwards) 1930s 1940s B W Young boy playing w train set & smiling at CAM (good shot, childhood). 1950s Color Man taking photograph of cityscape (very dark). 03:00:00:00 1930s B W Cannes? France People walking near harbor in old town Sailor climbing down mast of boat. VS boats in harbor. Group of children wearing sunhats. French submarine sailor smiling at CAM. VS French sailors on deck of submarine in harbor. 03:01:08:08 1930s B W Cannes? France Puppy chewing. Kitten looking at CAM. VS people shopping at outdoor marketplace, fruit stands. VS street scenes. 03:02:48:29 - 03:05:09:00 1930s B W Cannes, France HA PAN Cannes cityscape to harbor. VS docked boats in harbor w international flags on masts. Glistening waters of French Riviera. WS luxury hotels on La Croisette including Carlton Hotel. VS people sitting at outdoor cafe. VS people walking on La Croisette. Mother struggling to put scared baby on donkey. People looking at photographs on stand. PAN Rivera through trees. 04:00:00:00 1950s Color North Africa VS mother w baby girl talking to man holding dog. Baby w mad expression (funny), baby trying to pet dog. Headshot attractive woman smiling at CAM. Mother holding baby who looks at CAM w mad expression. Woman wrapping baby in hijab scarf (funny, cute). (Ilse & Dolly de la Varre) 04:01:40:07 1950s Color Austria Women talking & holding baby on lap. VS teenage boy wearing lederhosen feeding & petting horses. VS woman carrying baby walking down city street w other woman wearing peasant blouse & bodice. Woman being served coffee at outdoor cafe w castle in BG. (Ilse & Dolly de la Varre) 04:03:27:00 1950s Color Rabat, Morocco VS mother & baby sitting in parked car outside old city walls smiling & laughing. Mother & baby leaving car & walking around. MS smiling baby standing up w assistance. Baby in passenger seat smiling at CAM w Tour Hassan (Hassan Tower) in BG. 04:06:05:28 1950s Color Rabat, Morocco? North Africa Mother pushing baby in stroller down city street past Muslim woman covered in traditional dress. Mother holding hands w baby & helping her walk near pool, picking her up & hugging kissing her. Mother & daughter pushing stroller in courtyard. 04:07:33:01 1950s Color Austria? VS teenage boy walking on looking at German Jagdpanther tank destroyer (anti-tank vehicle). VS woman & young girls arranging wildflowers in small vases. 04:08:37:04 - 04:11:00:00 1950s Color Austria? VS young girl eating apple on front steps of house, shooing away persistent bee, father sitting w her at times & laughing. (Dolly & Andre de la Varre) 05:00:00:00 - 05:05:00:00 1960s Color Funny high-speed packing sequence - man folding clothes & packing suitcase, hurriedly grooming himself. CU man frantically shaving w electric razor. CU packing clothes in suitcase. 06:00:00:00 1950s Color Rio de Janeiro, Brazil VS mother & young daughter looking out at Rio coastline & beaches from high-angle viewpoint, Christ the Redeemer (Cristo Redentor) statue on Corcovado Mountain in distance. VS people on beach, wading in water. VS young girl playing in the sand & surf. (good shots, childhood, travel & leisure, family vacations) 06:01:35:19 1950s Color Rio de Janeiro, Brazil VS mother & young girl playing together in surf. Cariocas swimming & wading in water. (great shots, parenthood, mothers & daughters, parents & children, childhood, travel & leisure, family vacations) 06:04:07:28 1950s Color Rio de Janeiro, Brazil VS mother & daughter looking out at high-angle vista of Sugarloaf Mountain (Pao de Acucar) & Guanabara Bay. (Dolly & Ilse de la Varre) 06:05:41:14 1950s Color VS cute girl on swing hanging from tree (swinging) (great shots, childhood, playing). VS cute girl wearing red coat on Easter egg hunt - finding eggs & chocolates hidden in field, sometimes assisted by mother (great shots, childhood, playing). 06:09:10:08 1950s Color VS cute girl looking at items found in Easter egg hunt, unwrapping presents. CU headshot smiling girl wearing sailor cap. 06:11:11:00 OUT