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Gulf War, operation Desert Storm, Saddam Hussein, President Bush Sr, Conflict in Iraq 1990-91
Kuwait City seen from the sea - Saddam Hussein in uniform , with a group of Iraqi officers, Large Japanese tanker at sea - smoke rise from Kuwait City - Iraqi tank at speed, Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait City, cheering - Saddam Hussein with Iraqi officers, President Bush speech on the Gulf War - President George Bush shakes hands with US officer, US carrier - aircraft takes off - bomber in flight - carrier at sea - light bomber lands on carrier, UN Security Council in session - Saddam Hussein strolling with Iraqi officers - cheering soldiers, Saddam Hussein with ant-aircraft gun - President Bush visit the troops in Kuwait/Iraq, night bombing of Bagdad - target seen through bombsight of US aircraft - explosions, President George Bush announces USA's intend, i.e. to eject all Iraqi forces from Kuwait, General Norman Schwartzkopf in airfield - self-propelled artillery cross desert towards Kuwait, Conventional artillery fire - large rocket launchers - naval barrage - tanks and trucks advancing, Casualty on stretcher - destroyed vehicles - oil-wells burning - tanks parked near burning oil-wells, Large column of smoke in distance indicate Kuwait City - helicopter flies past - people greet the troops, US tanks move towards Kuwait City - tanks and APCs enter Kuwait city, President Bush speaks about 'Desert Storm' as the war is over