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Bridgeman Images
Rise of Environmentalism, 1970
Documenting various aspects of air pollution, water pollution, and soil contamination that is international and global in scope. This has given rise to environmentalism and the environmental movement that generally seek to limit human impact on the environment... Night scenes of a large city, lights, traffic, people. Fruit on trees, people eating, fruit market. Large number and groups of people in motion. Long shot of an offshore oil platform, industrial plants. Contaminated water flowing from a pipe, polluted river, sign that reads Danger. Polluted Water, No Swimming. More scenes of dirty, contaminated water flowing into streams some contaminated with oil. Man-made trash, garbage in river. Several scenes of factory smoke stacks belching smoke into the air. Industrial plant chimneys spewing pollution into the air. Smoke from engines of jet aircraft. Automobiles in large parking lots. Numerous scenes of automobiles and buses, close-up of exhaust pipes of vehicles, people in traffic jams. Layer of smog over a city. Shows results of a lake polluted with fertilizer and man-made trash, garbage washed up on shore. Abandoned junk cars and automobiles. Various city scenes, freeway traffic, houses dotting the landscape. Various scenes of bugs and insects, spraying insecticide in a field and orchard. Oil spill clean up. Processing garbage and waste. Man-made islands masking oil installations coast of California, aerial view of freeway and freeway interchanges. Long shot people on bank of river, in a large pool, and at a beach.