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chicago 1961
Stock Footage Chicago 1960's. Shows a green line train of the Chicago L (elevated public railway system). Chicago traffic and street scenes. Chicago skyline. Building demolition and construction scenes. Various street scenes of people and traffic. Parade with äóìkeep Chicago cleanäó float. Buildings being torn down. Shows high rise housing project for the poor in the inner-city. Shows the unemployed. Various scenes of housing, the people, and living conditions in the intercity (inter-city) and Chicago ghettos. Children playing in the ghettos of the intercity. Poverty in the slum area of Chicago. Night scenes of the bars, clubs, and burlesque section of Chicago. Various scenes of people, children at play. Shot List of Stock Footage (start web movie at time code shown for each clip) 00:00:01:14 Chicago Rapid Transit, The Green Line, the Chicago L. 00:01:03:09 Aerial view Chicago Skyline. 00:02:33;13 Close-up view of jackhammer pounding, sound of jackhammer being used. 00:04:03:10 Homeless man pushing a buggy. 00:04:31:10 Homeless man with sack over his shoulder. 00:07:14:04 African-American man and woman sitting on äóìstoopäó or porch, Chicago intercity ghetto. 00:07:41:07 High-rise apartment building, public housing for the poor. 00:09:23:13 Shows hand äóìrubber stampingäó forms. 00:09:44:04 Several unemployed people sitting on äóìstoopäó of walk-up apartment building, ghetto area. Various scenes of the idle, unskilled workers, Chicago slums or ghetto. 00:11:03:0. Exterior view of 2-story walk-up in the intercity, shows dilapidated interior of flat" or apartment.