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Guido Rossa, 1979 (16mm negative, scan 2K/Sound)
Location: Genoa, Italy Creator: Ansano Giannarelli January 24, 1979: Guido Rossa, a communist worker of the Italsider of Genoa, is assassinated by the Red Brigades. The documentary shows Rossa's funeral, from the workers' picket of honor in the funeral parlor to the funeral procession. Some interviews with workers on the train from Genoa to Milan and with Rossa's comrades clarify the role of the communist trade unionist who paid with his life for his active opposition to the BR. The film ends with an assembly of communist workers from the Fiat Mirafiori in Turin, who decide to name their section after Guido Rossa. Made with material taken from: “A film about the PCI”. 01. Headlines 02. Footage from television: images of the discovery of Rossa's body, lying on the dashboard of her car 03. Day exterior. In a street, crowded with people, the MDP follows a wreath of flowers, raised upwards by a man who wriggles among the people and enters a building. The MDP enters the fiery chamber where, in the center, is placed the coffin with the body of Guido Rossa. Pan of the room, full of flowers and people. Roundup on the faces of some of those present, which continues even after framing the coffin. Pan of hanging flags: that of the local headquarters of the PCI, Italsider and many others 04. Testimonies of Rossa's friends and colleagues, taken from 'A film about the PCI'. Pan of the room and those present. Zoom on the faces of the workers who tell their experiences and what they remember about the worker killed 05. External. Walking along a street, a party mate talks about Guido Rossa. In the background, a procession with numerous wreaths of flowers on its head for the commemoration of the deceased 06. Demonstration in homage to the deceased: the opening of the procession is on the banner of the Italsider workers. Then the MDP resumes the Genoese square from above: it is full of people and flags, mainly red 07. The interview with Rossa's partner continues 08. By train: interview with a group of young workers, about the labor movement and terrorism. Pan of the compartment and PP of the faces of those who speak 09. Mirafiori Workers' Assembly in Turin. Pan of the room. Zoom on the partner who speaks, above the stage. End