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Anti-Nazi propaganda
Nazi propaganda to justify euthanasia. Portraits of mentally handicapped people 02:15:22 The courtyard of a mental hospital with people walking around, watched by nurses who exchange food. 02:16:19 As a contrast: Young and healthy women playing ball / a bunch of ugly rats. // 02:21:48 Nazi propaganda with sound: Hitler youth girls busy, doing different kind of handworks. After work it can be played" : Girls are sledging in the snow. // 02:22:19 Mothers leave the city with their children to be safe from British-American air raids (1942/43) This is all very well organized by the Nazi party. Parents can rely on the best childcare in homes of the NSV (National social service). Also in these winter months the NSV has organized an extended "Kinderlandverschickung" (KLV = Kids brought to the safer country side in WW2.) - 2:22.54 "This is a train transport of Berlin children at Anhalter train station just before leaving for Silesia. Other transports go to other parts in the east and south of the Reich. Mom and dad can rely on the best care of their kids. That's a big relief for all social classes. England protects only the children of the wealthy ones. Germany however knows no difference between rich and poor.""