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Backpack Ban (1997)
North Ridgeville, Ohio
North Ridgeville Middle School North Ridgeville, Ohio Philip Binkley, Principal Sarah Myer, Student Robert Spencer, Middle School Student Jenny Dean, Reporting
Kids waiting outside school, photos of victims, crime scene, interior of school, police tape, bloody clothes on ground, police investigator marking scene with evidence marker, male sot, man showing backpack, principal sot, kids in classroom, female sot, kids in class, principal sot, reporter stand-up, student sot, student sot, kids in class
One school administration says the recent murders at a Kentucky high school triggered a ban on backpacks. The boy who gunned down his classmates brought his weapons to school in a backpack. But the school principal says he also has other concerns about the dangers of backpacks.
LEAD: A surprising move by an Ohio public school...backpacks are being banned. The reasoning behind the ban is safety according to school officials. But some say the adminstrators are over-reacting in light of the recent school shooting in Peducah, Kentucky. With more on the story, here's Jenny Dean. (Take Pkg) SCRIPT: You've probably heard the sad story of the three girls who were gunned down in their Kentucky High School...the boy charged with killing them allegedly got his guns into school by hiding them in his backpack. (SOT) The incident in Kentucky was the last straw that led this principal to ban backpacks during school hours at North Ridgeville Middle School. (SOT) No more trendy book bags and backpacks. (SOT) Student rights aside, it's student accidents the principal's worried about. (SOT) Now one of the principal's main concerns is how heavy these backpacks we brought Sarah and Robert here for a little experiment. He's concerned that they're so heavy if they run into each other, they could do real damage or that they could be doing damage to their shoulders, so we decided to take Sarah here and see just how heavy it it and it rings in a 17-pounds. (SOT) And both students say they don't think kids would put weapons in their backpacks, but they say they understand their principal would rather be safe than sorry.
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