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Wilmington, Ohio Wilmington, Ohio February 15, 1997 Ralph Fiser, Clinton County Sheriff
VO: Men walk into court room, close-up of Cheyne Kehoe, file of shootout, dashboard camera of shootout, shooting, more Kehoe walking to court house, sheriff’s car pulling away VO/SOT: Sheriff talks, reporters question Cheyne Kehoe, more in courtroom.
Cheyne Kehoe has been returned to Ohio from Washington state, to face charges in a shootout with police last February in Wilmington, Ohio. His brother is already in Wilmington ... where both will be tried.
LEAD: Caught on tape, caught on camera, caught on video, dashcam SCRIPT: Eight months after a wild gun battle that was caught on tape in Wilmington, Ohio, both brothers are finally back in Ohio to face charges. (TAKE VIDEO) Late Tuesday, U-S Marshalls brought 21-year old Cheyne Kehoe back to Wilmington from Washington State ... where he has spent the last four months fighting extradition. In court, the younger Kehoe pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted murder, felonious assault and carrying a concealed weapon. Investigators say Cheyne was the passenger in this truck who fired the first shots at law officers. The sheriff of Clinton County, Ohio is relieved to finally have Cheyne and his brother Chevie in jail, ready to stand trial. (TAKE SOUND UP - 00:13) (out: :"...HURT.") (CONTINUE NAT SOUND OF KEHOE AND REPORTERS - 00:10) (out: "... brother.") (CONTINUE VOICE OVER) Although he would not respond to reporter questions, Kehoe did acknowledge that he has seen the video of the gunbattle. He will be back in court in the coming weeks.
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