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VMI Female Cadets Arrive (08/18/1997)
Lexington, Virginia
Lexington, Virginia Colonel Jim Joyner, VMI Commandant Jen Jolin, VMI Rat Maj. Gen. Josiah Bunting, VMI Superintendent Keith Humphry, Reporting
Girl unloading car, girls moving in, male sot, kids in auditorium, girl hugging parents goodbye, girls in line, girl signing registration book, cadets in training, male sot.
LEAD: For the first time in history... female cadets are being admitted to V-M-I. The 31 women arrived today... ending the all-male tradition at the publically financed military school. V-M-I had spent six years and millions of dollars fighting a losing battle to keep the school all male. Keith Humphry reports. SCRIPT: The four-year marathon known as Virginia Military Institute got off to a fast start. The new class of freshmen rats had begun to unpack an hour before the first of them was even due on post. (SOT) At the end of the short unwelcoming session with parents and students crammed into a stifling hall...each company of cadets was called out...time to say good bye to Mom. (SOT) There's a price to pay for that camaraderie...loss of privacy...vanity...and human frality. It was beginning to sink in for Jennifer Jolin as she stood in line to get the rest of her hair cut off. (SOT) The media tend to focus on shaved heads. The administration says that's one of the least significant of a four-year collegiate experience. Even the moment the first woman signed the roll extending 158 years of tradition to the other gender...they say should not overshadow the fact
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