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Florida Police Scuffle Follow (08/22/1997)
Orange County, Florida
0:00-0:08 Aaron Campbell, Metro-Dade Police April 9, 1997 0:22-0:25 Aaron Campbell 0:45-049 Cheney Mason, Campbell's Attorney 0:50-0:58 Aaron Campbell Nicole Smith, Reporting OUTCUE: for my behavior.
Sot from Campbell, police video of Campbell and another police officer, int of courtroom, sot from Cheney, sot from Campbell.
LEAD: A South Florida police officer, caught on videotape in a scuffle with Orange County deputies, was back in Central Florida yesterday, this time in front of a judge. Deputies say the pulled over Major aaron Campbell because he made an imporper lane change. But his attorneys say it was no ordinary traffic stip. They say Campbell was a victim of "profiling". Nicole Smith reports. SCRIPT: (SOT) And major Aaron Campbell says if he had to do it over again, he wouldn't change a thing. Orange County deputies pulled over the Metro-Dade officer when they say he cut off another driver. (NATSND) (SOT) Campbell's attorney argued that Campbell is a victim of doulble jeopardy. He's charged with three counts of resisting arrest because three deputies were involved. But his attorney says only one charge should have been filed because of this one incident. But the judge didn't go for it. His attorneys maintain the stop never should have happened. (SOT) (SOT)
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