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Firefighter's Funeral (07/12/1997)
Eatonville, Florida
Eatonville, Florida Lt. Kenneth Mitchell, Eatonville Fire Department, :28 Blaine Roseburry, Victim's Former Co-Worker, :48 Katrina Elliott, Victim's Co-Worker, ;55 Jacqueline London, Reporting
Firetruck outside of funeral, people gather and worship, photo of deceased fireefighter, sots from co-worker, casket being wheeled into church with Amazing Grace playing in the background, firetruck at church
Fire fighter collapsed during a training session and died. His funeral was today.
LEAD: A central Florida man who died during a training exercise with the Sanfor Fire Deparment was buried today. 29-year-old Terrance Flanders collapsed while going through a search and rescue maze. An estimated 500 people turned out to say goodbye to him today. Jacqueline London has the story from Eatvonville. SCRIPT:
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