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Disney Boycott Reactions (06/20/1997)
Chicago, Illinois
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Oak Park, Illinois 0:14-0:23 Jim Queen, Chicago Baptist Association Dallas, Wednesday Orlando, Florida Walt Disney Pictures Touchstone Pictures ABC 1:25-1:35 Tracy Baim, "Outlines" 0:40-0:51 Judy Wang, Reporting
(THE DISNEY FOOTAGE IS NOT LICENSABLE) Sot from Queen, people at Southern Baptist convention, shots of Disney theme park (NOT LICENSABLE), stand up, movie clips, "Ellen" clip, various logos, woman working at computer, sot from Baim, shots of Disney theme park.
LEAD: No more sports 24 hours a day. Rule out watching N-Y-P-D Blue, or 101 Dalmations with the kids. One day after voting to boycott the Walt Disney Company, Chicago-area Baptists admit facing a tough challenge ahead. They say, at least, it raises awareness. But local Chicago homosexuals call it hypocritical. Judy Wang reports. SCRIPT: Jim Queen is the head of Chicago's Metro Baptist Association. A group representing more than a hundred local Baptist churches. He says that even if the boycott doesn't work, it does draw more attention the cause. (SOT) The decision to boycott Walt Disney comes out of the Southern Baptist national convention in Dallas this week. The church and it's fifteen million members object to the entertainment giant's policy of extending benefits to gay partners and to gay-days events at it's theme parks. It's hard to avoid's practically everywhere. The company also owns newspapers, magazines, retail stores, and movie companies. In fact the Disney movie "Hercules", opens right here in the Chicago theatre this weekend. (MOVIE CLIP) The cartoon blockbuster opens nationwide next week. (MOVIE CLIP) Disney's "Con Air" is already a hit and there's more. Disney owns ABC News, ESPN, and it's sitcom "Ellen" made t-v history when it's star Ellen Degeneres came out recently. (ELLEN CLIP) Tracy Baim is editor to "Outlines", a Chicago gay and lesbian newspaper. She said lots of fortune 500 companies now have policies like Disney's. (SOT) Both groups agree on one thing, getting people to stick with any boycott is tough. In response...Walt Disney says it's proud to be the world's largest provider of wholesome, family entertainment.
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