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Kingman Gun Spree (07/06/1997)
Kingman, Arizona
Kingman, Arizona Lt. Ray Sipe, Kingman Police Dept.
sot from man, shot of local K-Mart, shot of gas station, cars pulling in and out of station, more K-Mart, Conoco gas station shots.
A man went into a convenience store last night, killed two people, injured two others and was killed after being chased by police. Vo/Sot Script: Kingman police say 53 year old Katsuyuki Nishi began opening fire on people in Kingman's Business District...then led police on a high speed chase out of town. VO The incident began in the parking lot of this K-Mart...where Nishi shot and killed a teenage employee there. When the store manager ran outside Nishi shot him too. Nishi then drove his van next door to a truck stop and shot three more people...a woman and her son from the Phoenix area and a truck driver who died. Police finally chased him out of town. SOT VO Police say Nishi moved to Kingman from Florida last year. Two people dead.. in Phoenix area hospitals. William White of Apache Junction suffered a head wound but we're told his condition has been upgraded from serious to good. One person has already been treated and released. END
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