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Deadly Texas Tornado (05/27/1997)
Jarrell, TX (shots of actual tornado 2200-2203) Cedar Park, TX (shots of tornado and shots of , traffic and tipped over train) Jarrell, TX (aerials demolished homes) Cedar Park, TX (aerials of Albertson's mall and everything after)
(2200) Shot of tornado on ground from highway, cu of base of huge tornado, another shot of tornado. (2219) Shots of tornado from moving car, big tornado on ground, another tornado, woman sot, people standing under canopy of a strip mall, traffic driving through rain, rescue crews driving through town, aerials of train off tracks, aerials of a number of houses demolished, aerials of a department store with roof caved in, high wind and rain, woman walking across parking lot, damaged pickup in parking lot, smashed electrical box, man sot, train car knocked on its side, ground exteriors of department store, shots of huge tornado.
At least 32 people are dead and dozens injured as tornadoes rake central Texas. 30 of the fatalities are reported in the town of Jarrell, about 40 miles north of Austin. In the words of a state trooper the town "is pretty well flattened." It's not the first time this has happened in Jarrell. The town was largely destroyed by a tornado in 1989. A few miles to the south, in the town of Cedar Park, at least eight people were hurt when a grocery store's roof was blown off, causing the building to collapse. A restaurant and video store were heavily damaged. Throughout the region, authorities call the damage "unbelievable."
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