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Missouri Manhunt Continues (04/03/1997)
Benton, County Missouri
Benton County, Missouri Glenn Spencer, Benton County Sheriff J.T. Roberts, Pulaski County Sheriff Dennis Graves Reporting
Sot, woods, items in woods, forest, empty bottle of vodka, photo of suspect,exterior house, forest, remains of rabbit, campfire remains, beer can, cigarette pack, wrapper from feminine napkin wrapper, exterior trailer home, mobile home, photo of suspect with girlfriend, sot, murder warrant, sheriff sot, photo of suspect, helicopters flying low over woods, police cars o rural road, helicopters hovering, sot
More than 100 law enforcement officials continue to search the woods in Benton County, Missouri for suspected killer Alis Ben Johns.
LEAD: The search for suspected killer Alis Ben Johns, alias Jo Johns continues. Johns was spotted again, but again he managed to escape. But authorities are confident they will catch the suspected murder and soon. Dennis Graves reports.
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