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Los Angeles, California David Goldstein, Reporting
BE ADVISED: THIS CONTAINS VERY GRAPHIC VIDEO OF MAN SHOOTING SELF IN HEAD... cop shooting gun, aerials of cop and robber chase on foot, aerials of cop cars on highway, suspect shooting self in head, robber walking by car, aerial of ambulance crews.
Dispatcher tapes of talks with officers as the shootout begins at North Hollywood Bank.
LEAD: The voices of police officers were heard Monday. Tapes of officer radio communications were released. On them, you can hear calls for help, and a call full of hope. David Goldstein reports. SCRIPT: (CALL) Live shots fired is what the officer says as he confronts the two heavily armed suspects leaving the bank and looks for help from the police dispatcher. (SOT) The police communications tape adds the sound to the pictures that have been etched in our minds all weekend long. Quick thinking officers who tried to save one of their own who you hear radioing for help. (CALL) You can hardly understand the unnamed officer as he says he's losing consciousness and the dispatcher asks for aide. As other officers look to try and stop the two armed suspects. (SOT) One of those not going down was Larry Eugene Phillips who brazenly walked down the street firing away. At first it was thought Phillips was shot by police, now it appears he committed suicide. In pictures we haven't shown you before because they're graphic, if you know what to look for, it seems Phillips puts the gun to his head and then fires. The coroner's office is only saying so far it's a close contact wound. But while it all happens, the injured officer on the communication tape continues to request help. At this point, you can hardly understand the injured officer as he loses consciousness and the dispatchers do all they can to reassure him. (CALL) The officer says thank you as help is getting closer and the dispatcher gets emotional. (CALL)
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