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SHOOTING VIDEO (02/18/1997)
Saturday 2/15,97 Wilmington, Ohio
Dashcam video: Man gets out of van with cop, goes to police car, man runs from police car to van, fights, man gets out starts shooting, exchange shots, scuffle, men get back in van, speed away.
Surveillance video from a shoot-out last weekend involving two men and the police. The FBI has been called into the case.
Ohio State Police officials have released the in-car-camera video of an incident last Saturday in Wilmington, Ohio ... hoping someone will recognize the men involved. (TAKE VIDEO) It began as a routine traffic stop after police ran a license plate check, and discovered a registration violation. The Suburban was out of Washington State. After talking with the two men inside the van, the Wilmington police officer asked the driver to go back to the police car, while he ran some routine checks. After a period of time, and the driver refusing to comply with officers requests ... and driver bolted back to the van with the policeman in pursuit. Another Wilmington police officer joined in the pursuit ... and the passenger in the Suburban jumped out with a gun ... and started shooting. One officer returned fire ... as the other scuffled with the driver. The driver was able to get back in the can ... and drove away while the passenger fled on foot. (ANCHOR TAG) Reports say that after the van got away, the vehicle was spotted in a parking lot ...and more shots were fired at police, striking a bystander in the shoulder ... he was treated and released. The officers were not injurued ... and a search has not turned up either of the men in the Suburban. The F-B-I has been called in to assist in the case. --- END ---
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