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ACTOR MARIJUANA (01/23/1997)
Beattyville, Ky. Gatewood Galbraith Supports Indsutrial Hemp
(NOTE...THIS IS JUST FILE OF HARRELSON, NO SOUNDBITES AVAILABLE) Man walks in field, looks at marijuana, seeds, arrest of man, close-up, officer reads.
Actor Woody Harrelsonm has won a court fight in his attempts to legalize hemp production in Kentucky. A judge said today a state law putting hemp and marijuana in the same legal category is unconstitutional. Harrelson had planted hemp to challenge the law ... and was charged with a misdemeanor.
Growing industrial hemp could soon be legal in Kentucky. A judge today ruled that a state law forbidding it is unconstitutional, vague and broad. (TAKE VIDEO) Lee District Judge Ralph McClanahan says marijuana use is loathsome and hateful ... but he says the law against it should not include instrustrial hemp. He says the general assembly went too far in lumping in hemp with the drug marijuana. Actor Woody Harrelson was arrested in Lee County after coming there and planting four hemp seeds. Harrelson isn't completely off the hook ... Judge McClanahan will schedule a trial to determine if the seeds the actor planted would've germinated and grown into pot that contains mind altering drugs. A major proponent of growing industriual hemp, commented on todays decision: (TAKE GALBRAITH BITE) --- END ---
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