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Fea: Flamenco Dancer (11/27/1996)
Boston, Massachusetts
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Boston, Massachusetts Maria Benitez, Dancer Estefania Ramirez, Dancer Scott Yount, Reporting
Flamenco dancers, sot, man/woman dancing, dancers, dance practice, sot, dancers practice, sot, dancers in performance, sot, dancers, sot, dancers. LEAD-IN In this country the word "Flamenco" conjures up a gypsy image...percussive dancing and guitar...and while wonderful...there is much more to flamenco than that. Reporter Scott Yount tells us about one of the nations leading flamenco dance troupes...touring the country and breaking down the stereotypes.
(NATSND) If you wanted to be a flamenco dancer...this would be the troupe to be in. It's run by the Queen of flamenco Maria Benitez. Flamenco dancing is at once powerfull and sensuous, yet subtle and soft. (SOT) At the Emmersom Majestic Theater in Boston Maria Benitez and her company are touring Teatro's a dramatic re-telling of an ancient gypsy tale...inspired by dialouge, song and dance. (NATSND) The Spanish dance has been Benitez's calling now more than twenty five years...born in New Mexico, trained in Spain she is one of the nations top flamenco dancers. Everywhere she goes people are riveted. (SOT) That essence is relatively new for Estefania Ramirez who first saw the dance just three years ago. (SOT) Trained in modern jazz and tap Ramirez is hooked. Her passion has managed to propell her into this top rated company. (SOT) Flamenco has its origin in front of tiny audiences but the music and the primal beat translate well to the stage. (SOT) And clearly successfully by Maria Benitez.
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