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Clinton Relaxes Before Debate (10/14/1996)
Albuquerque, New Mexico
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Albuquerque, New Mexico Mike Taylor, Assistant Pro Marty Valdez, Golfer Joe Vigil, Reporting
Plane dropping red stuff, Clinton sot, President golfing, crowd, local sot, local sot
LEAD: President Clinton spent his time relaxing before the upcoming Presidential debates in San Diego on Wednesday. The Chief Executive played a few rounds of golf after he signed the Wildfire bill this morning. Reporter Joe Vigil has more... SCRIPT: The President started out his day at work, by signing new legislation that will put more fire fighting slurry bombers in the air. (SOT) Then after that a little play. The President hit the link at the Arroyo Del Oso city golf course. He whacked a couple of balls on the driving range, then his entarage moved to the course. Mr. Clinton's tee off shot looks good from here...and very nice follow through Mr. President. (SOTS)
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