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Forest Park, Georgia Jack Turner, Red Cross Volunteer Noah Givens, Red Cross Supply Manager George Thune, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Morse Diggs, Reporting
Red Cross emergency vehicle; Men getting supplies together; Red Cross building; Various shots of supplies at warehouse; Various shots of supplies in FEMA warehouse; File cabinets; Lanterns; Sots.
FEMA and the Red Cross plans of action in dealing with the effects of Hurricane Fran
LEAD: There was always hope that the tremendous force of Hurricane Fran would leave no injuries, damage, or flooding. But you have to prepare for the worst, and that's where the experience of FEMA and the Red Cross come in. Reporter Morse Diggs has more on their plans of action. SCRIPT: (NATSND) This is an E-R-V...a Red Cross Emergency Release Vehicle. Workers loaded cooler with drinks and food, some of the first items you think of when Red Cross disaster relief comes to mind. (SOT) Jack Turner and Joe Galloway will be out front. By now they've already arrived in Columbia, South Carolina. Behind the scene, Noah Givens is playing another important role readying all supplies at a huge warehouse at Fort (Gillum) at Forest Park. He's answered the call in many past disasters. I asked him what works well in this situation. (SOT) In the same warehouse, but on the other end, the Federal Emergency storage area for the southeast. Hard goods stored here. Everything from furniture for emergency site offices, to portable stoves for cooking. (SOT) (NATSND) Thune says FEMA has learned from past experience, when it was criticized for being too slow to get help to victims.
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