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Willow Springs, Missouri Steve Makley, Beer maker Kent Boyd reporting
Exterior barn, empty pig pens, man brewing beer, woman helping, kegs of beer, woman washing, cleaning bottles, beer being bottled, cu capping process, bottles being filled
LEAD: It's one of the oldest and least talked about traditions in the Ozarks: making moonshine, wine or beer. In Douglas County, Missouri, a family has taken the family tradition a step further. They built the first micro-brewery in the county. Ken Boyd has the story of "The Little Yeoman Brewery." SCRIPT: Three years ago, Steve and Jane Markley raised pigs. (soundbite) Besides that, the bottom had dropped out of the pig market. So, it was time to trade swine for what Steve jokingly calls "swill." (soundbite) So, two-years ago this November, Steve and Jane began their microbrewery. Every week, they produce about 600 bottles by hand. They sell everything they make. (soundbite) So far, the brewery produces about half of the family income...they have high hopes for the future. (soundbite) reporter sig out. TAG: The Little Yeoman Brewery makes six kinds of beer.
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