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Cuba Sanctions (03/05/1996)
Washington, D.C.
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Washington, D.C. Rep. Dan Burton, (R) Indiana Marti Johnson, Reporting
Clinton file; Burton newser; Cuban streets; wide shots House/Senate floor.
LEAD: Sanctions against Cuba, the U-S reaction to the shootdown of two Cuban-exile operated planes will be the subject on Capitol Hill today. Marti Johnson has our preview. SCRIPT: It's been ten days since Cuban Mig fighter pilots shot down two Miami based Brothers to the Rescue planes in the straits of Florida. Cuba says, the planes were in their airspace. The U-S says they were not; and in reltaliation President Bill Clinton asked for immediate sanctions against the regime of Fidel Castro. Today, the Helms Burton Bill comes to a Senate vote. Co-Sponsor Dan Burton says, it's a measure with a message... (SOT) The House and Senate sanctions include a call for President Clinton to organize an international embargo against Cuba, and toughens American policy already in place. It attempts to protect American interests in Cuba, confiscated when Castro took over, by denying entrance to anyone involved with those properties. And it would allow the U-S to develop a plan to assist, if Castro's regime is overthrown. One little known provision allows for diplomacy. It would allow the President to delay any of these provisions for up to six months, if it would help the cause of democracy in Cuba. At the White House, I'm Marti Johnson.
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