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Mafia Bust (03/14/1996)
Miami, FL
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Fort Lauderdale, FL Leonard Belkys, Reporting Janet Reno, Attorney General Paul Miller, FBI
Car arriving at the courthouse, parking in underground garage, mug shots of men, news conference sots, photos, exterior of house and condo in south Florida, photos of Jack Tocco, Anthony Joseph Zerilli, Anthony Joseph Tocco, Paul Joseph Tocco, graphic, sot
They arrived with FBI escorts to have their day in court. Men the feds say are involved in the most significant organized crime family in the United States. Mobsters they claim htey've been trying to bust for years. SOT These four men among seventeen of Detroit La Cosa Nostra crime family indicted today. They were arrested right here, in South Florida this morning. SOT The men arrested here ...they include infiltrating Las Vegas casinos, plotting murders and beatings, and corrupting officials.
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