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Freeman Militia Member Arrest (04/17/1996)
Topeka, KS
Topeka, KS No dateless sots
license plate, man being led from court, militia men, books
A judge set bond at $7,500 for a member of the anti-government freemen organization arrested for the transportion of explosives. Scott Roeder, 38, of Silver Lake, Kansas, is charged with the illegal use of explosives and driving without a current license, tags or any proof of insurance. Officers searched Roeder's car, after pulling him over, they found a small box of explosives materials used to make crude triggring devices. Law enforcement representatives confirm there are about 100 freemen in Shawnee County, an area they refer to as Justus Township approximatley 20 miles Northwest of Topeka. They are closely linked to the Montana based freemen. The kansas branch has been under investigation by several local sheriff's since the group began publishing notices in local papers declaring the formation of its own ``common law court.'' Members use those courts to rid themselves of financial debts and to issue ``show cause orders'' against various public officials whom they say are holding office illegally. However, local investigators say the group has stockpiled arms and ammunition. State and Federal investigators also began monitoring the group recently after Freemen members tried to cash bad checks drawn on what are repported to be ``special collection accounts'' of the U.S. Treasury.
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