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Baby Born (9-14-98)
Hillsborough County, Florida
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Hillsborough County, Florida 0:14-0:19 Kerrie Spare, Mother 0:42-0:46 Shawn Spare, Father 0:48-0:52 Jan Thornburg Reporting 1:03-1:06 Brandon Spare, Brother OUTCUE: SOC
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LEAD: Okay ladies what would you do if you realized you were about to give brith at home. Now men it's your turn. How would you react if your wife went into labor at home? It happened to a Hillsborough Florida couple this weekend. Jan Thornburg has their story. (Take Pkg) SCRIPT: In this quiet neighborhood, there was a lot of commotion. (NATSND) That's right, Cameron here, all nine pounds of him, was on the way, and he wasn't about to wait for the hospital. (SOT) So husband Shawn ended up delivering his own son right on the bathroom floor with the help of 9-1-1. (9-1-1 TAPE) (SOT) (STANDUP) (9-1-1 TAPE) (SOT) And through it all, this little guy four-year old Brandon, was helping deliver his baby brother. (SOT) Cameron's birth certificate will list Brandon as the attending nurse and dad as the one who brought this early bird into the world. (SOT) (Tag): Shawn tells us he was there when his other two sons were born, but he never had such a hands on experience.
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