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Racial - Beating - Sentencing (10/16/1998)
Chicago, IL
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Chicago, Illinois 00:41-00:53 Ellen Mandeltort, Prosecutor, 0:53-01:10 Frank Caruso, Sr., Defendant's Father 01:32-01:38 Rev. B. Herbert Martin, Caruso Family Pastor Ben Bradley, Reporting
Victim's mom getting in car outside courthouse, cops standing by, black hole, photo of victim, black hole, sot w/Mandeltort, Caruso's father sot, walk shot of Martin, black hole, sot w/Martin.
LEAD: A Cook County judge sentences Frank Caruso to eight-years behind bars...he's the man convicted of the racially motivated beating of Lenard Clark in Chicago's Bridgeport neighborhood. Caruso's sentence is several years shy of the maximum 13-years he could have received. The mother of the beating victim Lenard Clark says she's satisfied with Caruso's sentence. SCRIPT: (SOT) Lenard Clark's mother was able to smile as she left the courthouse. Earlier in the day she had to leave the courtroom several prosecutors and defense attorneys described in graphic detail the way Frank Caruso beat-up her son...13-year-old Lenard Clark. In handing down the eight-year sentence judge Daniel Locallo said he though Frank Caruso was "out of control." He said the sentence was neccessary to deter others from commiting hate crimes. Before the sentencing defense attorneys tried to portray Caruso as a good boy, who attended church, and even crossed racial lines in donating food baskets to the poor. (SOT) Caruso's father says the family is heart-broken...and will appeal. (SOT) Surprise swept the courtroom as an unlikely ally came to Caruso's defense. The Reverend B. Herbert Martin, known as a paastor to the late-mayor Harold Washington and activist in the black community took the stand. He asked the judge to let Frank, with no jail time. Instead suggesting Caruso perform service in the African-American community. (SOT) (TAG) Caruso has spent the last few weeks isolated...alone in a cell for 23-hours a day. Cook County jail officials say, that's for his own protection. Jail officials will recommend Caruso remain isolated from the general population as he heads downstate to serve his time.
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