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Gang - Shooting (10/12/1998)
Pinellas County, Florida
Pinellas County, Florida Dean Trieu, Suspect's Father Sgt. Greg Tita, Pinellas Co. Sheriff's Office Brian Goff, Reporting
squad car, photo of boy, sot father in doorstep, sheriff car, house, police line, sot sheriff dept., Pinellas County, Northside Hospital, sot man/father, photo murder suspect
Three shot in Largo -- possible Vietnamese gang -- three teen guys knock on door at a home in Largo, the teen inside comes to the door with a shotgun and shoots the three teens at the door. The suspect's dad talks his son into turning himself in. END
LEAD: It's a shootng that investigators say may be gang related. It happened around the dinner hour last night on Topaz Lane in the High Point area of Largo. Brian Goff has more on the story. (Take Pkg) no script available.
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