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Orlando, Florida 00:20-00:39 Aaron Campbell, Metro-Dade Police Department Orange County/1997 01:09-01:22 Thomas Mihok, Orange County Court Craig Eicher, Reporting
Suspect in court, sot w/officer, suspect in court at podium, sot w/Campbell, file video of Campbell being given ticket at night on side of road with deputy, Campbell in witness stand, judge on bench, file video of Campbell pulling ticket pad out of deputy's hand, courtroom sot w/judge, Campbell rejoicing after verdict outside courtroom, sot w/Campbell.
Deputies in Orange County, Florida pulled over a vehicle for a supposed traffic violation...the man driving the vehicle was a 27-year veteran policeman from another jurisdiction...and there was a confrontation on the side of the highway...the officer thought he had been pulled over illegally. The court ruled on the outcome as Craig Eicher reports.
(NATSND) As he awaited sentencing listening to colleagues speak on his behalf...Major Aaron Campbell held back his emotions. (NATSND) But when it was his turn to plead for the lightest possible sentence Campbell's compusure dissolved. (SOT) (NATSND) During Campbell's trial the judge ruled the reasons the Orange County deputies pulled him over to begin with were illegal...Campbell said his 27-years as a cop told him that and that's why he resisted. Out of the original six charges including three felonies...the jury convicted on only two misdemeanor charges of resisting without violence. Judge Thomas Mihok threw out one charge this morning before admonishing Campbell that the side of the road is no place to take the law into your own hands. (SOT) (NATSND) Campbell has already been reinstated with pay...he plans to retire soon and... (SOT)
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