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POLICE CAR CAMERA (04/27/1998)
EMBARGOED TO KUTV/NWCN Salt Lake City, Utah October 16, 1996 Lt. Verdi White, Utah Highway patrol Officer Shawn Judd, Utah Highway patrol Christine Hill, Reporting
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Looks at how successful camera mounted in police cars have been.
LEAD: Cops and camera's, they've become quite a pair in putting the bad guys behind bars. Christing hill has the story on how dashboard cameras in police cars are tilting the fight against crime towards the good guys. (Take Pkg) SCRIPT: What started as a routine traffic stop would soon be a chatoic situation. It was October 16, 1996. While questioning the driver, officers became suspicious of the person in the passenger's seat. Watch closely. If you didn't see it the first time, look again. Right after the officer told the person to get his hands out of his coat, the suspect pulls out a gun and points it at the officer. The juvenile in the car was 17-year-old Anthony Colwell...he was shot 5-times but recovered fully. Thanks to this video he was just found guilty of attempted capitol homicide. SOT Two years later, a third of all highway patrol cars are armed with cameras. Officer Shawn Judd says his wireless microphone is as much a part of his uniform as his handcuffs. Besides helping to solve cases, Judd says the camera actually helps him to do a better job. SOT These cameras are used in at least 800 cases a year.
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