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fsu - internet - broadcast (11/18/1998)
Tallahassee, Florida
Gainesville, Florida (Nov.22, 1997) John Brennan, F.S.U. International Programs Dan Akens, WTXL-TV Vice President/General Manager Myra Monroe, Reporting
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Florida State University is using their internet learning facilities to broadcast Saturday's game to students in London.
LEAD: Doak Campbell Stadium will be packed with die hard Florida Seminole fans on Saturday... And so will the Distance Learning Center in London. F-S-U has come up with a way to make sure it's overseas students feel right at home. Myra Monroe reports. (Take Pkg) SCRIPT: NATS It's the game no fan wants to miss... Florida State versus their arch rival...the Florida Gators. Imagine being a student in London...far away from Doak Campbell Stadium. SOT "Previously they've had to go out to various sports bars or listen to it on the radio on an internet connection." But not this year...on Saturday F-S-U hopes to use its high tech videoconferencing equipment to relay the game- live as it's broadcast on Newschannel 27. SOT "We were excited to learn there were 25 to 30 fans in London's Distance Learning Program. Of course we want to help them receive the FSU Fla game so we granted permission in a second." Usually this equipment is used for distance learning...this is the first time it's being used for a sporting event. SOT "I'm sure they're going to be hooping it up from the time they hear of this until after the Seminoles beat the Gators ." TAG: And best of all, F-S-U won't have to pay any money to make this happen.
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