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packaging - presents (12/11/1998)
Lawrence, KS
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Lawrence, Kansas Joel Wagler, Assistant Store Manager Chris Taylor, Store Manager Janet Reid, Reporting
Person putting tape on box, person putting "popcorn" packing in box, people loading trucks, people at mail & package store, man sot, man sot, more popcorn packing, UPS workers loading truck, man sot, person filling out label, man sots under, measuring box, more box taping.
LEAD: You may have already bought your presents for the holidays, and if you're really on the may have even wrapped them. But before you pack up your gifts and send them, there are a few things you should know. Janet Reid reports. SCRIPT: (NAT SOT OF PACKING PEANUTS.) (sot: "...It's one of the best packing tools you can have.) (More Nat Sots of peanuts) BUT NOT EVERYONE USES THE USEFUL PACKING TOOL WHEN SENDING THEIR HOLIDAY GIFTS. IN FACT PACKING EXPERTS SAY THERE ARE MANY MISTAKES PEOPLE MAKE WHEN MAILING CHRISTMAS PRESENTS..THE BIGGEST ONE? (sot: "...People still use newspaper for breakable items.) SO BEFORE YOU THROW THOSE GIFTS IN THE MAIL..THE ONES YOU SPENT ALL THAT TIME WRAPPING... HERE'S A FEW BITS OF ADVICE FROM THE EXPERT. AND TAKE IT FROM THEM, THEY'VE SENT FIFTS OF ALL SHAPES AND SIZES. (Joel Wagler sot: "...we've done lamps chandilers.") (Taylor sot: "...hose to Russia.") SO WHETHER YOU'RE SENDING A CHANDILIER OR MUST A FRUITCAKE...HER'S A FEW THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW. (Taylor sot: "...Extra pack if you will over pack." (Wagler sot: "As far as when to get those fifts in the might want to allow 2-3 more days.") A FEW OTHER TIPS.. MAKE SURE TO PRINT THE ADDRESS CLEARLY AND YOU MIGHT WANT TO CONSIDER INSURANCE JUST IN CASE. U-P-S OFFERS 100-DOLLARS OF INSURANCE FOR FREE, BUT ABOVE ALL ELSE. (Taylor sot: "Give yourself plenty of time.") (Wagler sot: " The earlier the better, you will save money and time.") TAG: And for you procrastinators, most carriers will be delivering packages right through Christmas Eve. -ed-
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