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car - chase (12/22/1998)
Newark, NJ
Newark, New Jersey Nichael Hill, Reporting Shawn Reid, Witness Evette Martin, Witness Vicki McCullough, Newark, NJ
People getting off smashed bus, car with top sheared off, side shot of smashed car, car towed away, shot down street, housing complex exteriors, standip, dashboard camera shots, shots of smashed bus, smashed car, car on back of tow truck, Reid sot, smashed car, police taking notes, Martin sot, more smashed cars and bus, people getting off bus, crowd sots, smashed car piece, cus of smashed vehicles.
LEAD: A wild and wooley police chase in Newark, New Jersey ended with smashed vehicles and several injured people Monday. Michael Hill has more. (Take Pkg) NO SCRIPT AVAILABLE
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