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Arlington Storms (04/26/1999)
Arlington, Texas
Arlington, Texas Bridgette Jacobs, reporting Noel Montenayor/construction worker Debbie Fields/Arlington resident Chris Fields/Arlington resident Peggy McNairn/Arlington resident
overturned mobile home, sot man, men gathered, firemen walking through storm damaged homes, sot woman, sot man, downed basketball hoop, sot man, sot woman, man clearing away debris from storm, van with roof of house on top of it
Power outages and downed trees are left in the storms tha rumbled through North Texas Monday.
LEAD: Those strong winds caused quite a scare for some Arlington construction workers... they were nearly crushed when a trailer blew onto their cars. Bridgette Jacobs gives us an update from arlington - where - it looks like quite a mess... [TAKE PKG] SUNEARLY FEED-DATE: SUNEARLY
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