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Police - Chase (04/27/1999)
Tampa, Florida
Tampa, Florida No Super Available
Aerials of accident, accident scene, wrecked cars, people looking at wrecks, sot of woman, woman yelling, police arresting suspect.
Police chase a stolen car -- which hits and innocent car in a busy intersection...2 suspects are in custody, 1 suspect hasn't been found. Expect VO of aftermath only.
A police chase after a stolen car wound up in the streets of Ybor City yesterday evening. (Vo) Police were following a Toyota Camry with a broken back window. The car took off and eded up slamming into a Mercedes with five people from out of town. SOT The victims of the crash were pretty upset...even screaming at the young men arrested. All the people in the car that was hit will be OK. Two of the suspects were arrested...police are still looking for a third who ran from the scene. FLORIDA
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