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Bad - Mouth - Cop
Tampa, Florida
Tampa, Florida s Mark Wilson, Reporting
Dashcam of police man making suspect walk a line, graphic of statements made by bad-mouth cop, reporter standup, more graphics of officer's bad language, car arriving at jail.
LEAD: A veteran Tampa police officer finds himself the subject of an internal affairs investigation. It's because of a war of words that broke out between him and a D-U-I suspect. And it was all caught on tape. The suspect's case has gone to court...and the officer's behavior "may" play a role in the trial. Mark Wilson has more...... (Take Pkg) SCRIPT: It happened on a stormy winter night -- the 23rd of January. Tampa Police Officer Patrick McCabe pulled over 47-year-old James Melton for suspicion of drunk driving. Melton loses his balance several McCabe decides to charge him...and give him a little piece of his mind as well. It started when the suspect asked for a lawyer. SOT (3:48:18) Then, from the back seat, Melton asks the officer for something else. SOT (3:48:46) And it's not as if the officer forgot about the dashboard mounted camera. SOT (3:54:54) STANDUP SOT (4:05:27) Then the fifteen minute trip to the county jail gets even more personal. Officer McCabe, a former Marine, questions the suspect's story about serving in the army during the vietnam war. SOT (3:59:47) The suspect's launguage isn't nearly as clear, but he does mumble throughout the tape -- which ends just as they arrive at the jail. TAG: Officer McCabe has been with the department since 1994 and has received high marks on his evaluations. The suspect is listed on the arrest affadavit as a homeless man. He's being represented by the Hillsborough Public Defender's Office. FLORIDA
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