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DWI Suspect Flees (07/04/1994)
Valley Brook, Oklahoma
Valley Brook, Oklahoma Police Dashcam Video
Color night time dashcam surveillance video with low audio, brief chase of car, car pulls over, driver gets out and performs several sobriety tests, stumbles a bit, cop decides to cuff him, but as he is about to, suspect takes a huge swing at him missing, stumbles to his car and drives off leaving a smoking cloud behind him, brief chase video, suspect pulls over again, gets out of car along with two passengers and they all lay face down on the ground as cop arrests them all...
Captain Mike Stamp is checking out a possible DWI, asking the suspect to perform a variety of sobriety tests. While cooperative, when Stamp decides to arrest him, the suspect turns a punches the cop and drives off. After a brief chase, the suspect changes his mind, pulls over, and is arrested.
Good dashcam police video of a suspect attempting to flee an arrest after failing several sobriety tests. APB
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