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Juvenile Violence / News Conference / Hearing (1999)
1) Bob Woodson / President of National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise 2) Representative Henry Hyde / (R-IL), Chairman, House Judiciary Committee 3) Michele Daniels / Student, Cardozo High School 4) Brian Pick / Student, Maine South High School 5) Michael Medved / Film Critic, Author 6) Jack Valenti / Chairman & CEO, Motion Picture Association of America
News conference, sound from hearing
The House Judiciary Committee holds a hearing on the root causes of juvenile violence.
(SUGGESTED TRANSCRIPT OF AUDIO) We will not solve that problem by talking about gun control or V chips. Those are external, that there is a moral and spiritual crisis that is consuming kids and suburbs and rural communities as well as inner cities. But we believe that this moral and spiritual crisis has been successfully solved by inner city heroes, Josias, if you will, people who have lived troubled lives themselves, and whose lives have been transformed not by therapist, or other professionals, but by the strength of God given interventionist. And today I am joined by three men who exemplify the hundreds name. And so we're coming here today to say to the American public, that if these young men can transform their lives, and re and transform the lives of others in their neighborhoods, we believe that they have a commodity that can be exported to the suburban communities. There's an awful lot that young people in Littleton, and Paducah, and Jonesborough can learn from our young people, after all suburban kids or inner city wannabes. They listen to both can transmit positive cultural messages to these communities. So we are here to propose the solution is to look to the inner city, young people whose lives have been transformed for the solutions for the moral emptiness that is plaguing young people in suburban and rural communities. 01:31 this is precipitated by the tragic events in Colorado, we are going to look for answers. We think we know the problem, we need answers. Bob Woodson, who is a leader in the desert makes a great contribution to one of the most serious problems facing America. We've got to take our country back, and we've got to save our youngsters. They are the future. They're our future. So these hearings today will move us in that direction. And I'm very pleased and very proud to have these young men. 02:13 I think that the students may need to try to be more obedient to their teachers, because it seems as though like students just go to school and play in like the teachers try to set guidelines and they're not following them. So I think the biggest problem is, the students they need to learn how to 02:33 being enforced are people following through are teachers following through on these policies, because once a teacher does not follow through on the policy, the students lose that, that respect for adult authority. 02:49 briefly is that we look at the real problem. The real problem in America is not too much violence in the media. It's not too much sleaze. It's not too much gratuitous sex. It is too much TV period. 03:07 complicated problem. And finally, they all agreed there are only three places, Mr. Chairman, where you're going to insert a moral shield inside a youngster so they can resist the blandishments of their peers and the enticement of the mean streets and that is home with parents, school with teachers and church with clerics. And if we don't do it there, Mr. Chairman, then we as a nation are lost
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