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Call for Kosovo Peace / News Conference (1999)
Washington, DC
1) Metropolitan Christopher 2) Metropolitan Nicholas, American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese 3) Metropolitan Maximus, Greek Orthodox Diocese of Pittsburgh
Bishops entering room, news conference
Serbian Orthodox bishops from across the U.S. hold a news conference to call for peace in Kosovo.
(SUGGESTED TRANSCRIPT OF AUDIO) We condemn the violence and atrocities committed against the innocent victims throughout the region. And we remained all involved in this tragedy, misery and hatred. With this in mind, we strongly condemn the illegal and unjustifiable aggression against a small sovereign nation committed by NATO in the name of peace, peace can only be attained through and illegal action on their part, we are convinced that there is a peaceful way that this can be resolved, if the people who live there had a voice and were consulted, rather than simply this being made on a level, 00:58 in these United States. And we are hoping very much that that we will be able to sit at the table and to bring an end to this. But we are asking, we are asking that our people have the opportunity to live in peace without bombs falling on them. And that all conflict cease, during this time of the Holy Week for for us Christians. selves in a most positive way for the stability of that part of the world, that world must be stable, or we are afraid of more horrific consequences that could come from all of this conflict that exists now. And I think it's very necessary that the Western 01:45 modification you wish led to bombing stop period alleged negotiations of reasonable people take place instead. Let justice prevail, there'd be no peace which not based on justice
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