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Benjamin Netanyahu
Netanyahu speaking
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discusses his meeting with President Clinton and settlement issues with the Palestinians.
(SUGGESTED TRANSCRIPT OF AUDIO) As with the President in the second part, I thought it was a very useful in a very productive exchange. I think that both of us Israel and the United States see eye to eye on the need for effectively combating terrorism in order to ensure that the peace process goes forward and goes forward successfully. And secondly, we discussed a number of ideas to move the peace process back on track assuming that the battle for terrorism is engaged effectively. These are preliminary discussions, they're nothing formal, and nothing definitive was said, and I'm sure we'll have the opportunity to continue these exchange of views over the coming days and weeks. Now, the line is that we have violated the agreement. Because we have built , that is basically what is being told the Oslo Agreements deal with Jerusalem twice. One is that they say that the final status talks will have to deal with the issue of Jerusalem. There is only one other reference to Jerusalem in the Oslo Accords of any substance. And that is that it says that up to the conclusion of their final status talks. There is an interim arrangement in Jerusalem. And there is only one limitation during that period of the final status of the interim status talks, and that is not on the Israeli sides activities. But on the Palestinian side, Oslo specifically states that the party that is limited and acting in Jerusalem is a Palestinian Authority, which is prohibited under Oslo from opening governmental offices pa governmental offices or conducting any Palestinian governmental activity in Jerusalem. It is a fact that under the previous but the Palestinian side promptly violated the specific clauses that it had undertaken in Oslo by opening several government offices, Pa governmental offices, which are in Jerusalem when which have to be closed. So in the question of Jerusalem itself, that one issue that everyone talks about, it is not Israel that is violating Oslo, it is the Palestinian side. This is point one to do when we signed Hebron, all of these things that we did, we promised to do, after Hebron, and we did it. They promised to do a series of things, which they didn't do. They promised to another charter, they didn't do it. They promised to keep a number of 400 policemen in Hebron, they have close to 1200. They promised to collect illegal weapons. You saw those weapons in those demonstrations held by Hamas and other people. They promised to incarcerate political or rather, military operatives of Islamic Jihad Hamas and the other terrorist groups they released them. They promised to sit desist from inciting insightful propaganda. And they have spawned the most inflammatory propaganda in the official media of the Palestinian Authority. I were building on Hungama. And as some of you describe it, how homage that is in Arab East Jerusalem. It's not Arab land 75% Do a private Jewish land. From where before World War One World War 260 years? How in heaven's name, can some of you still call it Arab East Jerusalem and Arab land? You have every respect for private property in this country. How can you do this? As journalist? How can you do this? How can you give you collect a view it's not fair.
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