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1) Shannon Query / West Palm Beach, FL 2) Spencer and Elizabeth Taintor / Miami, FL 3) Vicki Hendricks / Corpus Christi, TX 4) Bob and Laura Bishop / Bartlesville, OK 5) Juanita Sawyer / Pahlequah, OK 6) Robert Sanders / Upper Marlboro, MD 7) Sondra Runfeldt / Jupiter, FL
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Victims of Ford and Firestone, with Rep. Henry Waxman/D-CA are holding a news conference to demand strong auto safety legislation. The victims are urging Congress to enact strong criminal penalties for manufacturers who don't recall defective vehicles and to require manufacturers to alert the government if they suspect a vehicle has a defect.
(SUGGESTED TRANSCRIPT OF AUDIO) 00:00 went through a number of the issues. I'm going to be working with my colleagues to make sure that the bill that's adopted by the Congress does what we want, keeps faith with these people, prevents these tragedies from occurring again, gives teeth to the law, and to those regulatory agencies to get the information that they need to force the industry to protect people. Thank you all very much for being here. Thanks, man. Waxman, what are the prospects for getting a bill through this session? I think the prospects for getting a bill through this session are very good. The public is paying attention. When the public is paying attention, Congress must act and what the public wants is a consumer bill that will make sure that if there's intentional wrongdoing, there be clear criminal penalties, that the information be gathered by the regulatory agencies so that we can prevent these tragedies from occurring again, Mr. Armey yesterday said he didn't think he could happen. Well, I have 01:03 hundreds and 1000s of children. There needs to be severe criminal prosecution for all auto mobiel manufacturers that do this to our families. They are committing horrible, heinous, murdering crimes for profit. That is the bottom line. The laws need to be changed. The government is not protecting us they are giving the the automobile manufacturers permission. 01:39 I would like for Firestone to pay for what they've done knowingly. They knew that this was happening and they did nothing to stop it. And I'm a 25 year old widow now and I tremendously miss my husband. 01:53 My name is Elizabeth Dana and this is my husband spent stainer. We were almost killed in a Ford Firestone rollover. My husband has four metal plates permanently in his skull, and will forever be disfigured. Hopefully reconstruction will be able to help him, I will never be able to live the vibrant life that I did. And there's really not a lot of certainty for what the prognosis will be. And there does need to be accountability. And people do need to know they need to know in advance so that they don't get in the cars and do these things. They don't get in the cars and these things happen to them. They deserve to know, 02:28 victims. What they did is inexcusable. And we feel like Congress and the Senate need to do something to stop it from happening. They need to give more power to NITSA so that they can stop these things from happening. This is something we'll have to live with for the rest of our lives, that they cut our son's life short. Thank you. 02:56 My name is Juanita Sawyer, my son was hurting when those GM trucks also show you a picture of Danny in the hospital. He was had 25% of his body was burned. He lost his right hand, he came home with a feeding tube in his stomach. It really doesn't matter whether it's a GM truck with a faulty gas tank, or a car with a faulty tarp or the tires. It doesn't really matter. These things need to be corrected in these people need to take responsibility for what they've done to my son into the other people that's here, their children also, thank you very much for 03:33 this issue, not to look at what the manufacturers have said they want because the manufacturers want to undermine the likelihood that this this legislation will ever make a difference will ever prevent these terrible tragedies from happening again. And 03:47 I'm here because I represent 250 Dead people they can't be with here with us here 03:53 some legislation. And that's what we want to do this Congress, which means in the next few weeks, and I have reason to believe that with both the House
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