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Boucher at podium w/ cuts
State Department Spokesman Richard Boucher says the department is condemning the violence in Macedonia saying a political solution is needed. Boucher also discussed the anti-Semitic comments made by Syrian officials calling them "regrettable."
(SUGGESTED TRANSCRIPT OF AUDIO) 00:00 This seems to represent a 00:02 I think, in response to that I said that, first of all, we've repeatedly called on both sides to step back from the violence. And I made clear today that the repeated Israeli incursions into the Palestinian controlled areas are a serious escalation that raises concerns that make it harder to resolve this and harder to break the cycle. 00:23 Is this something that the vote on declaration of war? Well, 00:29 we don't we don't take it very seriously now, because it seems like the government has withdrawn the proposal. And frankly, we think that's a wise, wise course. The focus we believe should be on pressing forward with the political tracks, even as the government carries out its obligation which it has in which we support to reestablish a security situation. Certainly we situation Overall, I'd say remain serious. We understand the government of Macedonia is under pressure because of its continued because of the continued resort to violence by the extremists. And we condemn this violence. We condemn in the strongest terms the unprovoked acts of terrorist violence taken by the so called National Liberation Army, and we will call on the extremists first and foremost to stop their acts of violence. There is no justification for this violence nor for the use of civilians as hostages and shields. At same time, we think the focus over the government to quicken it I think we've encouraged them to move as quickly as possible and certainly would be pleased to see this moving forward as fast as possible. Okay, same area. I do. Our view is that these comments are as regrettable as they are unacceptable. There's no place from anyone or from any side. For statements that inflame religious passions and hatred. We hold with the Pope's call for reconciliation. That is really the only way forward especially in these difficult times. And the only way to achieve the peace that all parties professed to want. Equipment that Russia has. bases in Armenia, including equipment covered by the multilateral agreement limiting competitors at the Russian base have been recorded reported as is required under the treaty. The s 300 system is not 02:35 reelected. Can you tell us a little bit about it offer some guidance? Is this a serious blow?
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