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Mike McCurry Briefing (1996)
White House spokesman Mike McCurry briefed reporters this morning on the downing of Ron Brown's plane near Croatia.
(SUGGESTED TRANSCRIPT OF AUDIO) Unknown Speaker 00:02 Good morning, everyone. There is obviously a great deal of concern here at the White House about the reports that I'm sure you've all seen that Secretary Ron Brandes aircraft is unaccounted for, on a flight as part of his delegation that he has been leading in former Yugoslavia. Secretary Our understanding is at this point was flying from Tuzla to Dubrovnik, and is now roughly three hours overdue for a scheduled landing there. We were first notified about this by Ambassador Peter Galbreath, our ambassador to Croatia, who phoned the State Department to report that the Secretary's plane had not arrived on schedule. You'll see right now a lot of conflicting reports about all sorts of sources. But what they think has happened? The answer is at the moment, we just don't know. The President is very concerned, obviously, as you can imagine, he has spoken to Mrs. Brown. Within the last half hour, he has decided to remain here at the White House. And that proceeded further reports from National Security Adviser Tony lake. And we've assembled a task force at the US State Department, which we would do in circumstances like this to get information to work with other governments that might have information and to deal with any American citizens and their families who might have been part of that flight and the Pentagon. And we, we can confirm all that. Okay. We know that the plane was the US Air Force, t 43, which is their military equivalent of a 737. Right. And then we do have because of our military presence in the area, we are assisting with search and rescue efforts that are underway. I believe some other governments have indicated that they're participating in search and rescue. They've got both helicopters and C 130s. involved in that. There is a report now that we can confirm that there is wreckage in the water. But we cannot confirm at this point that that wreckage is in fact, Secretary Brown's plane. Showing information we've got any indication verify the manifest at this point. We don't know. There were conflicting reports about that that indicate perhaps as many as a half a dozen passengers. But again, we need to confirm that destination was Dubrovnik. From from Tusla, from Tuzla to to Berlin. And what exactly Secretary Brown has, you know, is on a very important mission to build support for both trade ties and economic assistance to former Yugoslavia as we implement the civilian aspects of the peace accords that have brought some measure of peace to Bosnia into former Yugoslavia. He was working, as you know, assist us companies in the private sector and developing closer trade ties and economic ties with those countries as they emerge from the shadows of the Civil War on a score. We don't know that. We don't know the man that we have not verified the manifest. Well, he had he had a large delegation of both private sector leaders and other US government employees who are doing various aspects of the trip at various points, which is why we want to make sure we know for certain the manifest before we say anything further about the team that was when we needed this verify this. What did he enter the theater and resume within the last several days? My recollection is great. He was at the g7 ministerial meeting in Lille, up until the weekend, right. We'll get you more information about that as it's available. You say the water it's the Adriatic Sea. That is the Adriatic off the coast of Dubrovnik. Yes, the wreckage and the location of the wreckage will give you some sense here later in the day about the President's activity. was quite bad weather reports that the weather was very bad. Yes. Trouble? Not that I'm aware of. But again, let's develop more facts for you and then we'll report back thank you again much later. Unknown Speaker 04:32 Good morning, everyone. There is obviously a great deal of concern here at the White
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