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Cuban-American Groups Opposing HelmsBurton Act News Conference (1996)
1) Ruben, Honik, Jewish Solidarity 2) Representative Joe Moakley, D-MA 3) Jorge Du-Breuil, Cuban Committee for Democracy 4) Delvis Fernandez-Levy, Cuban American Alliance
Sound from news conference
Cuban-American Groups opposing the Helms-Burton Act hold a briefing.
(SUGGESTED TRANSCRIPT OF AUDIO) 00:00 The hysterical call for revenge by a narrow, unrepresentative segment of the Cuban American community. Worse yet, is the President's apparent willingness to codify all the previous executive orders and regulations, which comprise what we know is the embargo, thereby forfeiting the traditional constitutional role of the President to set foreign policy. This shift in his position may do more than codify a policy, it will tragically set it permanently in stone, we must reverse the course of our policy, which economically deprives the people of Cuba, but with little or no effect upon her leadership. And the first step toward that end must be taken here. And now, by defeating the helms Burton bill. I'd like to turn in 00:54 proposing additional sanctions against Cuba. But I believe it is wrong for this congress and for this President to embrace the so called helms Burton legislation. Passing the helms Burton bill will certainly make a nice sound bite in this election year. But it is bad public policy. Let me give you four reasons. We've had 01:22 we are we are convinced that this is a process that's gonna be ongoing, and even if we have lost the battle, and hopefully we have not lost the war. 01:37 Who is winning from the passage of this bill? Who is this bill? I tell you who is not winning the Cuban people are not winning Fidel Castro in a way is winning because what Jesse Helms says, As adios Fidel, it really turns out to be a propaganda coup for Fidel Castro. 02:00 Let me ask it with a with a parallel last year when there was a certain threat 02:07 for the benefit of everyone here would you translate? The guy who asked whose organization you're with? From the Mexican you say your forehead to reveal the vice president of the Cuban committee for democracy
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