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Smoke Free Campaign / News Conference (1993)
1) Representative Henry Waxman / D-CA 2) Senator Frank Lautenberg / D-NJ 3) Robert James Funches / 6-Year-Old, Woodbrige, Virginia 4) Alfred Munzer, M.D. / President American Lung Association
News conference
(SUGGESTED TRANSCRIPT OF AUDIO) For an hour or so, we believe that there's no excuse in a public building to deny people access to that building, because they don't want to breathe in somebody else's smoke is not only annoying, it is damaging to their health. 50,000 people die each year from environmental tobacco smoke. That's more people dying from environmental tobacco smoke than are killed in automobile accidents each year. And these are people who did not shoot in Japan Unknown Speaker 0:31 it's over $1 a pack. The industry has a stranglehold literally on the legislation and on the American people and we ought to fight back was said in the movie we're sick and tired of we're not going to take it anymore. But the the irony of of all of this I have Unknown Speaker 0:52 I have trouble breathing when I am around cigarette smoke makes me cough a wire my eyes real puffy. Cigarette smoke keeps me from doing things I like to do like bowling. Most alleys let people smoke. It hurts when I can't go bowling. Like my friends. This makes me feel different. I wish there were alleys where people can't smoke. I could have more fun. And when I have to worry about getting sick. I hope the government will help kids like me, because growing up around cigarette smoke is hard. Clean air would help me to live like my friends and get to do Unknown Speaker 1:33 as a pulmonary physician, I very often in fact day in and day out. See the devastation that comes from smoking. All too often I see people at the very last stages of emphysema or lung cancer looking for a miracle cure. But even more disheartening are 3000 Children who start smoking every day and 1000s Millions of children who are exposed to environmental tobacco smoke and particularly those whose asthma need but Unknown Speaker 2:04 unbowed and will continue the fight it is discouraging because as people go about their
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