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Potato Days VNR (09/21/1997)
Shelley, Idaho
Shelley, Idaho
Mr. Potato riding in jeep, Mr. Potato saluting next to Nat'l Guard guys, people eating potatoes, various spud shots, kids racing to put spuds in baskets, tug-o-war across a sea of mashed spuds, reaction shots to events, potatoes being harvested, spuds on way to factory, cu of potatoes, spuds at factory
Americans are gathering in Shelley, Idaho, to participate in "Shelley Spud Days," a celebration of the annual potato harvest.
Since 1931 people have been coming to the town of Shelley, Idaho to pay homage to the spud. This year people will be participating in several spudtacular events, including the Dutch Oven Cook-Off, and filling a burlap sack with potatoes as fast as they can. The highlight will be a tug-o-war over a giant pit of mashed pototoes. The National Guard will be on hand to pass out 5,000 baked potatoes to spectators. This event signifies that the first potatoes from the 1997 Idaho potato harvest have arrived. END
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