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Med: Childhood Obesity Rises (09/03/1996)
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Houston, Texas Dr. Margarita Treuth, Baylor Scientist Dr. Karen Johnson, Reporting
Children at playground, research lab, sot, child on treadmill, child in isolation booth on bike, sot, girls eating breakfast, sot, kids watching T-V.
LEAD: The statistics are startling and depressing. Childhood obesity continues to rise in this country. Dr. Karen Johnson explains what researchers at Baylor College Of Medicine are doing about it. SCRIPT: One-fourth of American children are considered overweight. That means they are more than 20 percent over the ideal weight for their sex, height and age. Researchers at the U-S-D-A Children's Nutrition Research Center are conducting a five year study to find out why. (SOT) One of the factors is physical activity. By studying young girls who haven't reached puberty, Dr. Treuth is measuring their activity levels to determine how much energy children use. (SOT) Fat gain in children may be affected by several things: diet, the body's tendency to store food as fat, the rate at which the body uses energy, and the amount of activity a child gets. (SOT) And since the number of overweight children has risen dramatically in the last few years, this study will establish a first step in an effort to find out what causes certain children to gain weight. From Baylor Colllege Of Medicine in Houston, I'm Dr. Karen Johnson.
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