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(narration not licensable) Eisenhower with Prime Minister Nehru, President Rajendra Prasad, others; dusk, eerie light on motorcade; various Ike greets crowds, looks wary, crowd throws flowers; ext. WS New Delhi domed palace; guard on horse; CU young female guide; wider, Ike greeted by young guides, place ribbon around his neck, looks like Indian boy scout; they chat; with Nehru; angle on Ike in limousine wearing his boy scout kerchief, sits with Nehru; WS big Cadillac limo across dirt yard to Parliament; tilt up building; int. Parliament, Ike addresses parliament, WS; Indians applaud by tapping fingers on desks; Ike's speech, various angles on members of Parliament, male and female, watch, applaud; crowd stand, Ike leaves podium in bg; various of applauding crowd, Ike exits, New Delhi palace, CU gift to Eisenhower, carved sandalwood and ivory table, historical figures; MS angle on Ike, Indian men and women sitting on couches, state dinner; great various angles on female Indian classical dance; CU animated lead dancer, face gestures, heavy nose piercings; Ike on the couch; ext. angle up to UNIVERSITY OF DELHI banner; ext. entrance, sign, WELCOME MESSENGER OF PEACE; WS large crowd, applaud; MS soldiers in red berets; Indian women in saris; angle on stage, Eisenhower, others step on in western style graduation gowns; Ike given degree by university vice president Rada Krishnan; various of same; Ike speaks at podium; angle on Nehru, others listening; various of horse drawn carriage ride, streets of Delhi; good angle on Ike, others in carriage, step out for agricultural fair; interesting shot, newsreel cameraman foreground, colorfully dressed Indian women on stage bg, stadium, agricultural fair, angle on Eisenhower, Nehru, others on review stand; WS unfinished 50's modern stadium; ext. American exhibit, ultramodern stylized Indian domes, sleek concrete, pools; angle on Eisenhower, takes off hat, wearing flowers, cuts ribbon, voila gesture, Nehru at his side; WS ext. Taj Majal; angle on Ike, Nehru, others walking garden; CU dome; Eisenhower and daughter in law, Nehru pose in front; various enter Taj Majal, various nice shots of the buildings, grounds; ext. small village, various of colorfully dressed children, women with water vessels on heads, old men in long white beards and white turbans; younger men in suits on rooftop; Ike walks through village; various of villagers
President Eisenhower’s eleven nation “Peace and Friendship in Freedom” tour, and highlights of the tour. In New Delhi, India, December 9-14, 1959.
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Peace and Friendship in Freedom tour
New Delhi Airport
Prime Minister Nehru
President Prasad
throwing flowers
palace guard on horseback
Eisenhower addresses Indian Parliament
cheering crowds