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Pilot Albert Scott Crossfield in a cockpit of X-15 for the first flight at Edwards Air Force Base in California.
Annual report of X-15. Pilot Albert Scott Crossfield in a cockpit of X-15. NB-52A Stratofortress in flight. X-15 attached in the wing of NB-52A. A smoky trail left out by X-15. X-15 detaches from the right wing of NB-52A. X-15 in flight goes up. Smoky trail left by X-15. Credits of the film. X-15 flies by and lands on the dry lake bed. Control van shows operators looking out of window while seated at control consoles. X-15 landing roll and stops on dry lake bed. X-15 towed by a tug out of hangar and along taxiway. NASA pilot Joe Walker in flight suit walks towards X-15 under wing on NB-52A. Cars and vans in the background. NB-52A taxis right with X-15 under wing. Another NB-52A with X-15 under wing in the background. NB-52A in flight to right with X-15 under wing. X-15 is released and in flight to the right followed by F-104B chase aircraft. Major Robert White in X-15 cockpit putting on helmet. X-15 on dry lake bed with technicians around aircraft. In front of X-15 is the fire crash truck. Major Robert White wearing flight clothes and helmet and talks to USAF officers and technician after his first X-15 flight. Location: United States USA. Date: September 15, 1961.
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United States USA
Major Robert White
Pilot Albert Scott Crossfield
NB52A Stratofortress